Aicap Sustainable Investment AB 

Aicap Sustainable Investment AB (“Aicap”) has the Swedish company registration number 559012-9184. Aicap is the corporate investment company of the group which also raises capital from external investors. External investors invest in Aicap because they believe in sustainability and portfolio thinking for spreading risks of early stage technologies and innovation. A great advantage for the portfolio companies is also that there are huge synergies within the group for sharing common platforms and technologies whenever it makes sense and avoids competition. External investors can be angel investors, partner companies or family offices. To ensure the long-term control of Aicap the intention is that external investors will own shares with reduced voting power (B-shares) compared to the shares of Aicap Holding AB (A-shares). The A/B share voting ratio will be 10:1 which is according to Swedish law. The intention of Aicap is mainly to act as an investment company for shares in a portfolio of project companies, but it could also include various investments within sustainable and smart technologies. Aicap has a long-term view of ownership, but only invests and keeps companies in the portfolio if it is possible to own a share of minimum 10%. Companies in which Aicap is diluted to below 10% will be exited. 

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