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              The company mainly engages in the sales of Solvay agricultural surfactants, which are used in various pesticides. We can offer professional technical supports and formula services. Contact Us: +86-25-83269357,+86-25-83269370.
              Agricultural emulsifier details

                Dispersing agent Wetting agent Emulsifier Synergist Antifoaming agent  Thickener
              Water dispersible granule (WDG) Product Features Product Features     Rhodorsil
              Geropon T/36 White, general type Geropon L-WET/P White, low foam
              Geropon SC/213 White, suitable for triazine herbicides Geropon L-WET/F White, good wetting ability
              Geropon SC/223 White, smooth granulation LS-94WP White, high cost performance
              Geropon TA/72 White, high cost performance Geropon SDS  
              Supragil MNS/90 Brown, general type dispersing agent Supragil WP Yellowish-brown, low foam
              Supragil MNS/88  
              Supragil RM-210EI  
              Suspension concentrate (SC) Product Features Product Features   Geronol TM/04  
              suitable for cotton crops.
              Pol 23/W
              Soprophor SC White, general type Igepal BC/10 Classic wetting agent
              Soprophor FD Can get excellent effect with K77s Rhodasurf 860/P Low foam, free of nonyl phenol
              Supragil MNS90 Can increase stability of formula
              Oil suspended agent (OD)     For vegetable oil Geronol  VO/01       
              For methyl ester oil Geronol VO/02N 
              Geronol  VO/05
              For mineral oil Geronol  MO/P
              Suspension emulsion (SE) Same as SC Same as SC Geronol E601       Rhodorsil 
              Pol 23/W
              Geronol E602
              Alkamus OR36
              Soprophor BSU, CY8, B848
              Emulsion in water (EW)     Geronol EW/01   Rhodorsil 
              Pol 23/W
              Geronol EW/36
              Soprophor SC
              Soprophor BSU
              Wettable powder (WP) Same as WDG Same as WDG        
              Missible oil (EC)     Lipophilic emulsifier Hydrophobic emulsifier Rhodasurf ID/70 Green solvents in product details
              Geronol CH100 Geronol CH800
              Geronol FF/4-C  Geronol FF/6-C
              Geronol FF/4-EC Geronol FF/6-EC
                Geronol MS/C
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